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May 30, 2019

I love that moment when the seat-belt light has chimed twice and the flight attendants have strapped in their jump seat and can only stare straight ahead with their kind, but unnatural smile pasted to their face and their eyes try not to make contact with anyone and the large man in front of you reaches to open that little air blowing nozzle thing as he awaits the time when he can adjust his seat more comfortably and parents have offered their kid some gum even though they fear the sugar high to come later on along with the literal altitude high but don’t want their baby freaking out because of the inner ear pressure and the engines grind to a new level of whine and thrust with such force your tongue shifts back in your throat and your ass heaves deeper into the seat and the slight, elderly lady in the aisle seat next to you gives her armrest an extra tight eighty-three year old former schoolteacher squeeze as the momentum plunges the aircraft screaming forward faster and faster and faster until…


Yeah, I love that moment.

And when I start a new training plan, as I did yesterday with no particular goal race or time in mind, I get that same feeling of weightless anticipation that lives in that takeoff moment.

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