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Docking this run boat

June 29, 2016

We are about to embark on our second cross country move in as many years. We are packing like mad, the kids are anxious, we’re stressed, and my wonky ankle issues reappeared at 5 o’clock this morning while trying to get through a light 30 minutes after yesterday’s 20k.

So with 3 days of driving ahead of us and a throbbing left lower leg I am going to do the un-run thing.

I suck at not running. I am going to be thinking of how many kilometres I should be pacing over instead of cruising passed at highway speeds. I am going to be wishing I was listening to my favourite podcasts instead of kids fighting over where exactly the mid-line of the back seat of the car is and who crossed it first. I am going to be lamenting the time spent breathing in the ocean fog deep into the most cavernous corner of my lungs instead of the stale conditioned air blasting through the vents. I am going to miss the coastal vistas while I stare at mile after mile of line markers and trees trees trees.

I guess what I’m trying to say here is that my ankle hurts, I’m leaving a place I love, and I am going to be idle and cooped up for days on end. I just want to keep my running afloat and not have to dock it.



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