A dandy of a dedicated lion

May 29, 2015

One of my favourite things about running is the narrowed focus I often get when in the midst of a workout. Whether it’s a more in-tune sense of how my body is feeling or how I’m holding my posture, or whether it is a heightened eye that picks up on some minutiae in my surroundings, I often find myself much more attentive during a run.

A few days ago, while untying my shoes after a run, stretching it out in my backyard, and cooling down as it was pretty hot for Lunenburg in May, I couldn’t stop admiring a dandelion. That’s right, a lowly common weed. But this dandelion was the essence of determination.  Tucked in next to the foundation of my 125-year-old home and the concrete edging of my driveway was this flower (I don’t care if it’s a weed, I like the flower. It’s pretty in its own right.) and the flower wasn’t just eking out a hard-scrabble existence, it was thriving in otherwise uninhabitable conditions. Little soil, excessive heat from the full sun-exposure and the reflective energy of the wall it is tucked against, this was evidence that despite the challenge presented to it, the flower has the determination to grow to live a healthy life.

This is determination I would love to bottle up and gobble up.  Perhaps if I pluck the leaves from this tough weed and throw them into my next salad, I’ll absorb some of its admirable spirit through osmosis.

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