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Rise. Recharge. Set.

Another March break has risen and set. It was the recharge of the spirit, the respite from our usual weekly whirlwind, and the refuelling of the energy stores that we needed. That I needed. So glad to have this career that offers time to be with my family just as the days are getting longer […]

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Summer sets

Summer and all her brightly coloured heat, all of her late night light, all her family time freedom, and all the warmth of the memories created is about to fade to fall. School will start up, traffic will get thick, time will get short. Summer when you’re a kid seems to last far far longer […]

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Summer light

This time of year the early mornings are filled with long shadows and rapidly warming or instanly dying wind. Afternoon running is out of the question. I don’t like sun burns and heat exhaustion. And then evenings are long drawn out exhales of light as the breeze picks up again and late runs are rewarded […]

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A Maritime Heart

Thank you to the people of Lunenburg and Kingsburg for receiving and embracing our family into this life of velvet smooth sunrises, throwback genuine community values, wind and fog that you feel in the back of your eyes, calloused firm handshakes, crows feet with every smile, warm and bright kitchens scented with chowder, and sunsets […]

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Unsmooth running

Run rhythm is everything. It is the breath and body and road synced up. My last two outings have been anything but smooth. My rhythm is out of whack. I have had a good stretch where I have been listening to the tides, the wind, the birds, and the frogs. Maybe I should try running […]

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