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I’ve been given some pretty incredible presents over my almost 40 years of living.  From the one-of-a-kind drawings and creations my kids have made for Father’s Day to big ticket items like my kayak or experiences such as chocolate tasting school (Yes, there’s such a thing and it’s pretty geeked-out fun!) to tiny gestures of […]

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Run on home

Some people never leave home. I don’t mean hermits who literally never take a step out the front door, but I mean many many people who choose to live, grow, and die in the same community their entire life. I respect them. Never-leave-homes seem to have things figured out. They seem to know what they […]

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Full spectrum mornings

Running in the morning makes for full and energetic days. The colours of sunrise help paint a colourful day. The palette of an early morning run warms the soul. The breadth of prismatic light fills the optimistic cup. But my schedule doesn’t allow for much morning running these darkened winter days and I miss it. […]

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A Maritime Heart

Thank you to the people of Lunenburg and Kingsburg for receiving and embracing our family into this life of velvet smooth sunrises, throwback genuine community values, wind and fog that you feel in the back of your eyes, calloused firm handshakes, crows feet with every smile, warm and bright kitchens scented with chowder, and sunsets […]

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Coastal synapses

The prefix “syn” means “together” and “haptein” means “to clasp” (source). Well then these coastal roads and I belong “syn” and my mind will “haptein” their views and feel and soul long long after our East Coast adventure ends. When I run the oceanside roads around Kingsburg and Lunenburg my synapses fire to unite my […]

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Veggies for the vegetative state

We always try to eat healthfully. With our amazing Lunenburg Farmer’s Market every Thursday, it’s easy to eat incredible local food. This time of year the options are increasing by the day creating even more opportunity to consume richly green and fresh produce. And it all comes at a time when I need it most. […]

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Magic of place

I loved living in old town Lunenburg. It is such an incredible community with decadently rich history, gorgeous geography, and people who seem to collectively share a sense that we are more than neighbours but are extended family. We sold our sweet old historic home in town and moved to the exact opposite: an eco-friendly […]

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Finding New Roads

So, we are moving out of our beloved home in Lunenburg and heading just outside of town to land atop a seaside hill for the next 4 months.  And while the distance from our current home to our new temporary one is only 20 minutes by car along the twisty coastal roads, it proposes a […]

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