history Running

Celebrating great combos

When colour met pencil, when bacon met LT, and when bread was first introduced to butter the cosmos had clearly aligned and the new wedded combinations would begin a fruitful marriage with endless creative offspring. And when New Balance introduced running to shoes with their “Trackster”, the combo lit a competitive, colourful, and creative fire […]

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Photography Running

Running in a Postcard

Without a shred of exaggeration or hyperbole, every single run at sunset where I head out of town along the coastĀ and over the hills and round the bends, when I turn back and return to Lunenburg I am completely awestruck. Every time. Without fail. This town, with itsĀ colours and light and water and textures, is […]

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nature Running

How many shades?

We have had quite a bit of rain and wind in Lunenburg lately. My 16k run yesterday had a plateful of gusty wind and a side sprinkling of rain. It also seemed that the wind was in my face no matter the direction I ran. And accompanying all this is grey. I love running when […]

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Seeing red

Like a bull to a taunting flag ablaze in red satin, I hunted down the hills this morning. I attacked, but did not conquer. My face was as crimson as the blood in my veins and my legs as leaden as, well, lead once the run was done and I began the final descent home. […]

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