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According to my Google Assistant, the average heart moves 60 to 90 millilitres of blood with each beat. That’s a lot. Especially considering that on average throughout a normal run, my heart works at roughly 150 beats per minute. That’s roughly 11250 mL of blood every minute. 11.25 Litres! A minute! I haven’t run since […]

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It doesn’t make a fleck of difference that I’ve only run once this month. The clock will still turn over. It doesn’t do me any good to dwell on the myriad little inconveniences that have kept me from lacing up my runners. I will run soon. It doesn’t matter that it’s a busy time at […]

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A bout of shingles that lasted several weeks, then a blast of arctic air that left us with a week of temperatures -15C or lower meant that I only logged 34 kilometres of running in February. When I don’t run, I get restless, fidgety, cranky, sour, salty. March has come in like a lion with […]

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To be fragile implies a high level of breakability; a likelihood of being damaged; an inherent weakness. The perfect run is a fragile state, but not because of some flaw or failing on the part of the runner. It is simply easily broken, ended. I am not an ultra runner or super elite (or elite […]

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Watched from above

Yesterday evening I got that slightly eerie, but not in a creepy scary way, feeling that I was being watched while I drank a beer and worked the barbecue in my backyard. A quick glance upward and there was the crow, staring me right in the face. This morning while running out down a tranquil […]

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In Tune

This has been a good summer of running so far. I’m hitting my stride. In a groove. Loving life on the east coast. And on my latest outing ‘Lord Don’t Slow Me Down’ by Oasis clicked on my shuffled playlist and I tapped repeat three times so that it sung me home.

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Perched on high

Running summer mornings seems to prepare me for the fall and winter lows of dark and cold and slippery runs. The summer running is so comparatively easy it feels more majestic and my form seems taller and my results more pride-ful. I love fall for its weather and colour, winter for its brisk freshness and […]

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