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Watched from above

Yesterday evening I got that slightly eerie, but not in a creepy scary way, feeling that I was being watched while I drank a beer and worked the barbecue in my backyard. A quick glance upward and there was the crow, staring me right in the face. This morning while running out down a tranquil […]

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Perched to take flight

I think my favourite part of creating run routines is starting them anew. It’s the same for any creative project really. I like to plan it, prep it, start into it, ditch it, and start all over again. About a week ago, with only a few runs left in my Nike Run Club training program, […]

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Wobbly warbler

When a gorgeous little bird flew full out into our window and stumbled stunned to the deck, I scrambled out to see if the wee warbler survived the collision. We had a moment of quietude, she and I (or maybe it was a he), where we just looked each other over, eyed one another’s eye, […]

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Wild ‘n not so wooly

Yesterday, I decided to run a route that I tend only to do when I’m not feeling overly adventurous. It’s a bit of a back-up slash cop-out route. It starts off flat, there’s a hill at the 2 kilometer mark, a downhill right after, flat for most of the rest of the run save for […]

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