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I love that moment when the seat-belt light has chimed twice and the flight attendants have strapped in their jump seat and can only stare straight ahead with their kind, but unnatural smile pasted to their face and their eyes try not to make contact with anyone and the large man in front of you […]

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I’ve been given some pretty incredible presents over my almost 40 years of living.  From the one-of-a-kind drawings and creations my kids have made for Father’s Day to big ticket items like my kayak or experiences such as chocolate tasting school (Yes, there’s such a thing and it’s pretty geeked-out fun!) to tiny gestures of […]

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I can remember my hands clutching my mud-caked and banged-up knees, high socks puddled at my ankles, sweat and rain and maybe even tears flowing off my chin and pooling in the drenched grass, and the smell of never-washed jerseys and water-logged leather cleats burning my nostrils as our coach tried to do his best […]

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When coming across amazing little structures like these fungi emerging from the crevasse of a large and mature tree I am in awe of their ability to sprout from nothing and thrive on little. Small but tough conifers squeezing a life for themselves from rocks and cliffs are another example of sheer determination. Trying to […]

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I once thought I could crush my first marathon without knowing what I was really getting into. I hadn’t even run a half-marathon before. I thought I could earn a ticket to the Boston Marathon in that rookie appearance because my 30k long run pace was spot on my BQ age group qualifying pace. I […]

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Life’s trajectory is not a gradual or smooth upward trendline. Life has its cliche ups and downs. It zigs and zags. Within those corners, those seemingly brief and ultimately ephemeral times when there’s sharp transition from zigging to zagging, are the most enriching moments. When you think you’ve got it figured out, life zags and […]

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According to my Google Assistant, the average heart moves 60 to 90 millilitres of blood with each beat. That’s a lot. Especially considering that on average throughout a normal run, my heart works at roughly 150 beats per minute. That’s roughly 11250 mL of blood every minute. 11.25 Litres! A minute! I haven’t run since […]

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It doesn’t make a fleck of difference that I’ve only run once this month. The clock will still turn over. It doesn’t do me any good to dwell on the myriad little inconveniences that have kept me from lacing up my runners. I will run soon. It doesn’t matter that it’s a busy time at […]

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