Here I am. I live in the stunningly picturesque, ultra historic, and warmly welcoming community of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia on Canada’s east coast. I am a parent of a very creative and imaginative 11 year old boy and a thoughtful and energetic 7 (and a half!) year old girl.  Both kids are gorgeous and bright. I’m married to an intelligent, passionate, athletic, and beautiful woman, Jen. She’s one of those people who, like a magnet on steroids, people are simply drawn to. There’s a spark in Jen that everyone admires. I teach. I read. I draw. I paint. I cook. I drink craft beers (especially these!). I enjoy wine.  And of course, I run. I created this blog as a means of sharing the oft-forgotten side of running (and all fitness pursuits) that has little to do with technique, form, reps, stats, and coaching advice, and everything to do with those inner conversations we all have when immersed in our craft.  This blog is about the mindfulness I enjoy when running.  I wanted a place to share my running-inspired thoughts. So here they are. Thanks for reading this far and please share your thoughts and comments with me so as to develop a conversation about running and the happiness it creates. Peace and fresh air. Trevor. #runhappiness