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April 15, 2019

When coming across amazing little structures like these fungi emerging from the crevasse of a large and mature tree I am in awe of their ability to sprout from nothing and thrive on little.

Small but tough conifers squeezing a life for themselves from rocks and cliffs are another example of sheer determination.

Trying to find growth in the sport of running is not much different. It seems that to eek out improvement, to grind away at mediocrity, to progress in the face of injury and age, a runner needs to channel an inner will to survive and grow in spite of the many myriad of limiters to success.

My own growth in the sport has nothing to do with times, medals, miles, or goals. It has been the slow progression of that feeling that I am making something out of nothing; that I am creating time for myself; that I am bettering myself; that I am challenging myself; and that I am comfortable with myself.

Like a fungus building life from tiny spores, my runhappiness has grown and flourished not from abundance and ease, but through hard work and continual reaching for the light in life.

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