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April 5, 2019

I once thought I could crush my first marathon without knowing what I was really getting into. I hadn’t even run a half-marathon before.

I thought I could earn a ticket to the Boston Marathon in that rookie appearance because my 30k long run pace was spot on my BQ age group qualifying pace.

I thought I could just get out there and run it like a training run: without a hydration or nutrition plan, without studying the hills along the route (oh, the hills!), without paying close attention to the full weather forecast, without seeking advice and learning from someone who had done that race (or any race) before.

I thought I could run a marathon because I can run.

Each of those thought bubbles burst with such force that only now, a year and a half later, has the echo begun to fade.

Today, I have absolutely zero ambitions of running another marathon unless I have a super strong fitness base, a solid core, a true understanding of the course and weather and logistics, a plan for each aspect of the race, and maybe even a coach.

Yep, with my marathon hopes busted, bashed, and burst, I have spent the months since getting back to the basics of why it is I run: for runhappiness.

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