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I can remember my hands clutching my mud-caked and banged-up knees, high socks puddled at my ankles, sweat and rain and maybe even tears flowing off my chin and pooling in the drenched grass, and the smell of never-washed jerseys and water-logged leather cleats burning my nostrils as our coach tried to do his best […]

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When coming across amazing little structures like these fungi emerging from the crevasse of a large and mature tree I am in awe of their ability to sprout from nothing and thrive on little. Small but tough conifers squeezing a life for themselves from rocks and cliffs are another example of sheer determination. Trying to […]

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I once thought I could crush my first marathon without knowing what I was really getting into. I hadn’t even run a half-marathon before. I thought I could earn a ticket to the Boston Marathon in that rookie appearance because my 30k long run pace was spot on my BQ age group qualifying pace. I […]

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