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March 1, 2019

My alarm chimes and buzzes at 4:53am on run days. I hit snooze twice and sometimes three times.

On non-run days, I gain an extra hour and get up before 6am.

Whether running or not, my mind and body have a hard time limbering up and feeling flexible enough to take on the day. The extra hour of dozing on off-days doesn’t allow me to wake up more rested or with more energy. It just gives me a delayed hour before I get out of bed feeling foggy and tired.

But, when I finally lace up the sneaks, step outside and gingerly shut the door behind me so as not to wake everyone else cozily snoozing under their covers upstairs, and I take those first ten strides into a sunrise with more orange and yellow than a jack-o-lantern alight, I get such a rush that I can’t help but feel that this day will be the best ever.

When I run toward a sky like this:

…the day always begins on the right step, I am guaranteed to have runhappiness, and I get all coloured up with positivity.

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