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Life’s trajectory is not a gradual or smooth upward trendline. Life has its cliche ups and downs. It zigs and zags. Within those corners, those seemingly brief and ultimately ephemeral times when there’s sharp transition from zigging to zagging, are the most enriching moments. When you think you’ve got it figured out, life zags and […]

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According to my Google Assistant, the average heart moves 60 to 90 millilitres of blood with each beat. That’s a lot. Especially considering that on average throughout a normal run, my heart works at roughly 150 beats per minute. That’s roughly 11250 mL of blood every minute. 11.25 Litres! A minute! I haven’t run since […]

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It doesn’t make a fleck of difference that I’ve only run once this month. The clock will still turn over. It doesn’t do me any good to dwell on the myriad little inconveniences that have kept me from lacing up my runners. I will run soon. It doesn’t matter that it’s a busy time at […]

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A bout of shingles that lasted several weeks, then a blast of arctic air that left us with a week of temperatures -15C or lower meant that I only logged 34 kilometres of running in February. When I don’t run, I get restless, fidgety, cranky, sour, salty. March has come in like a lion with […]

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My alarm chimes and buzzes at 4:53am on run days. I hit snooze twice and sometimes three times. On non-run days, I gain an extra hour and get up before 6am. Whether running or not, my mind and body have a hard time limbering up and feeling flexible enough to take on the day. The […]

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