Watched from above

Yesterday evening I got that slightly eerie, but not in a creepy scary way, feeling that I was being watched while I drank a beer and worked the barbecue in my backyard.

A quick glance upward and there was the crow, staring me right in the face.

This morning while running out down a tranquil back harbour road, that feeling of being watched flooded over me again.

This time it was a pair of osprey, parent and kid, in the midst of what seemed like flying lessons 101. The little one stomping her feet and itching to get going. The big one doing loops and fly-by passes, one eye fixed in my direction.

I then spent the last 4k of my run envious of the birds and their ease of flight. They move with such grace, gain incredible perspective, and can watch the human struggle unfold from the safety of their perch.

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