Stringing it together

Putting together a solid running streak is similar to the act of running itself.

It seems simple, just one foot in front of the other to run, or just one run after another run for a good string of them.

But in practice both the act of running and the streak of runs are much more complex and rely more on mind over matter than physical attributes.

While on summer vacation I have all the time in the world to run and so I try to. But I also have lots of time for socializing, drinking beer, lounging around, playing backyard basketball, and over-eating. And so I do that too.

It becomes very very easy to slide into the habit of sleeping in and un-running. It forces me to make conscious choices to get up and go and to take it easy on alcohol (as best I can) and to stay hydrated and in that run routine.

I have to convince myslef that it’s ok to tweak the run schedule and commit to not breaking it.

So, though I’ve had beach time, beer, wine, and a lot of food today, tomorrow is a run day as always and so I will be up and going as I do Tuesday mornings.

The string may stretch as my summer waistline does too, but I won’t let it break.

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