Lights out

The fog in the mornings along the Atlantic coast means I’ve been wearing my little green light to be more visible for drivers on their way to or from work.

Though there are very few cars on the go at 6 am around here, the light seems to be a wasted effort.

Either they don’t see my reflective gear, added reflectors on my calves, and little green light pulsing into the misty void or they simply must stay the course because, ya know, it’s their road.

I’m guessing it’s actually more of an honest lack of visibility than an ulterior motive to own the road.

Maybe I should just add my white light and my headlamp to increase the chance of being seen

Oh, and maybe I should hire someone to bike behind me carrying a million watt flood light to guide my way, scare the deer, attract the bugs, and blind oncoming traffic!

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