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Not hanging my head

May 29, 2017

A marathon training plan is never a smooth trajectory up the slope of challenge. It is fraught with waves and ripples that rise and fall. It is littered with pebbles and grit to slip you up. It is sometimes cloudy and dark.

Almost exactly a year after I bowed out of my goal of competing in the Bluenose Marathon due to a nagging ankle and lower leg injury, I find myself in the exact same position.

I have been building a modest fitness base running 5 or 6 days a week for the last few months and now, just as my confidence in renewing a marathon specific training plan was at an all time high, my left calf has begun seizing up at seemingly random intervals.

Sidelined with pain and soreness for a couple days, it is definitely a set-back and kick in the shins to my progress.

But I’m not ready to hang my head low, stare at my feet and lament what I could accomplish.

I am ready to hold my head high, dig deeper to find the solution to this wonky lower leg issue, work to improve where I can so that when the run can happen pain free tomorrow or next week or next month, I will be in the best place possible to finally rise up and run the race I know that I can.

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