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Inner workings

May 21, 2017

I’d love to know the thoughts that run through the minds of the marathon professionals while racing.

What causes wonder in Eliud Kipchoge’s mind while running? Maybe nothing?

Does Lanni Marchant imagine her future while running? Is it bright?  Is it immediate?

Whilst crushing a half marathon PB, does Eric Gillis think about the papardelle recipe he wants to try tonight?

When I get on long runs I re-live conversations, solve the world’s problems, create poems and envision paintings to finish. I get stumped on lyrics and remember that person’s name who I couldn’t identify in the grocery store yesterday. I dream of one day being financially free and where I’d love to kayak next.

My inner workings on the long runs are full of meandering reflections and explosive revelations.

I wonder if that’s holding me back or propelling me forward.

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