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Step by step ooh baby

April 2, 2017

At first, 5k is a bitch. Even after years of running, 5k can be an obstacle if there’s been a long layoff. But with consistency those 5000 metres transform from bitch to puppy love.

Then 10 is a beast that can’t be tamed. It feels that the 10k cage is one octagon that’ll beat ya down every time. You approach it with timidity. Talk to it in a sweet gaga voice and coo to it. Before you know it the 10k beast is asleep in your lap purring endlessly. You find that sweet spot it loves so much.

And then the half and full marathon come up as the next rungs on the run ladder and you look up to them with trepidation and a side of “bring it!” attitude too and they loom large. But your run fitness looms larger.

Take that next step. One foot in front of the other. Leap whichever hurdle is awaiting you.

Run with runhappiness. Press on.


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