Perched to take flight

I think my favourite part of creating run routines is starting them anew.

It’s the same for any creative project really. I like to plan it, prep it, start into it, ditch it, and start all over again.

About a week ago, with only a few runs left in my Nike Run Club training program, I abruptly ended that routine. I took a day to reevaluate my running and my short-term goals, then planned a new routine and started it up.

I’m only a few days and 20k into this new routine, but it feels great to have my sights set on something fresh. I enjoy looking down at my new run prey. I’ve toyed with the last one too long and so set it and myself free so we could get on with living.

I’m once again perched to take flight and soar into a running program built to improve my base fitness and stretch my mileage. I know that I will most likely crash land before finishing the training plan, but that’s alright. I’ll just climb to yet another perch and take off again. It’s my pattern of being.

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