Summer sets

Summer and all her brightly coloured heat, all of her late night light, all her family time freedom, and all the warmth of the memories created is about to fade to fall.

School will start up, traffic will get thick, time will get short.

Summer when you’re a kid seems to last far far longer than it does in adult reality. But what’s consistent is the same feelings of joy when lake swimming or rainy day puzzle making or long winding rural road bike riding and stopping for a slushy.

The summer days may seem endless for kids and all too brief for the oldies, but the laughter caught in those hot hazy moments of July and August is ultimately what pulls us through the chill and work and increasing darkness of the next ten months.

It’s this time of year, when summer is just about out of breath, that all her colours really come rushing in to be held close until next time.


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