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Not loafing around

No matter how short the runs may be in comparison to the past four months of marathon training, I refuse to sit idle. I got out for a little 7k and felt alright. I don’t want to push it, but I can’t loaf around. The run is too enticing.

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Kid joy

Is there anything in the world as magical as the joy that emanates from children? I doubt it. You can see the bright energy exploding even when you can’t see the smile stretching east to west across a kid’s face. Running a kilometre with my daughter and sharing in her genuine, honest, pure, and explicit […]

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Go fog yourself

Living out here where the earth’s edge embraces the ocean’s limit we are blessed with magnificent vistas, angry storms, and wild, um, wildlife. My favourite times on Nova Scotia’s coast, however, are when the fog infiltrates. The fog grabs hold here and challenges the sun to wrestle the sky from its grip. We get socked in fog thick as […]

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A Bright Spot

As I logged on to Happiness Runs Deep to type out today’s post just a moment ago, I happened to take notice of the running tally of the number of posts I have blogged to date: 366. A year and a day’s worth of posts. The bright spot in this run slump I’m in (and […]

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Feeling Sluggish

Today was marathon day. The race I had been training for, the Bluenose Marathon went ahead in Halifax, and I ran a chunky 5 kilometres of Kingsburg roads instead. Slow, lumbering, clunky, and awkward, I ran as best I could and all the while I thought of the goals I had set for myself 19 […]

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