Fruit of labour

2015 was a fruitful year. My children grew and continue to amaze me day after day after day. They cause these eruptions of molten wonderment in my brain all the time with the things they are capable of, the things they learn, and that which the teach me. Our life in Lunenburg, though sometimes hectic […]

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Let it snow

We were supposed to get 7-12 centimetres of snow. 25 centimetres later and it’s still drifting and blowing out there. We’ve already shovelled twice, made a snow slide, rode the toboggan around town, and ¬†been soaked right through our snowpants. And it’s the best!!! It is so quiet out there, so beautiful, so fun, so […]

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The real reward

Running provides me with many benefits in multiple ways. It does this as a collection of runs, a history of kilometres, and as individual outings. The run gifts me with beautiful scenery or chance encounters with wildlife or perfect weather. Running offers a sense of accomplishment and pride and healthfulness. But at the end of […]

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An east coast day

Where else can you spend a day in an arena with freezing rain coming down outside yet nothing but smiles and laughter inside. Where else can you have a fisherman’s brunch with haddock fish cakes, fried eggs, and a cup of chowder. Where else can you drive home in rain, ice pellets, then slush and […]

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And to all a good night

Lunenburg has given our family a Christmas to remember. From earlier in the month with the parade, the lighting of the ships, the Christmas tree lighting ceremony with free real Charlie-Brown-esque trees to take home to the weather and memorable feel of walking the streets of this historic town to the unimaginably delicious produce and […]

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Red red vine

I like to eat local as much as possible. In fact, my priority when buying food is local first, organic second. Well, just yesterday we travelled a solid 19 minutes in the car and took a short ferry ride to get to one of our favourite local vineyards. And then we paired their vintages with […]

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