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Muscling toward the midline

November 28, 2015

Scallops are a big deal in Lunenburg. Adams and Knickle has been in the business of scallop fishing since 1897 and continues to provide the community with outstanding quality and fresh product.

While running by their waterfront iconic working wharf and nostalgic wooden dragger, the “Chockle Cap”, I started to think about dinner (to be honest, I almost always think about dinner). All this time I have eaten scallops I have never known which part of the bivalve we eat.

Turns out it’s the adductor muscle. The yummy disc of white fleshy muscle that gets so sweet in a cast iron skillet of butter is a real tasty treat.

And we bi-pedal folk have an army of adductor muscles that keep us solidly inline.

So after a middle distance 10k run with lovely long hills at the midpoint that required some muscling over, a few buttery local bivalves would make for a perfect post-run repas (meal).

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