How to not get sick of running part 5

November 16, 2015

Find the texture in your run.

Definition: (ˈteksCHər) texture refers to the feel or appearance of a surface or item.

My running is layered with textures. The dampness of my sweat-soaked green Boston Red Sox hat I’ve worn for a decade. The grippy hooks of my armband’s velcro. The taught laces hugging the top of my feet. The soft inside of my Nike run tights. The nagging pull of the ache inside my hips. The feel of the salt-spray from a windswept ocean kissing my face on one side, then the other as my out and back hits the mid-point. The grit gripped and ground by my footfalls over kilometres of roadside shoulders. And on and on the textures layer to create an overloaded lasagna of runhappiness that can only be devoured one bite at a time but is a fulfilling complete meal.

So, whether it’s the feel of sailing over the pavement when you’ve found that perfect rhythm or the sloshing around in your belly after too much pre-run water or the stitch in your side after eating so much popcorn you need to just drop the bag in a food and salt induced coma and swear you’ll run it off tomorrow, whatever the tactile quality of your run, find the texture in it.

Feel it.

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