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How to not get sick of running part 3

November 14, 2015

Change the venue.

98% of the time, I run the roads in and around Lunenburg. And I have a handful of usual routes crafted out for specific purposes.

There’s the short run for when time or energy are limited. There’s the standard 10 kilometre out and back with spectacular views and sunrises. There’s the long run loop to Mahone Bay and the hilly, curvy, and ultra-rewarding run.

Those are my go to runs.

But when I need a shake up, as I’ve written before, I simply turn left instead of right or head east and north instead of west or south.

Today I ran 12k along the old rail trail. I almost never run off road. And I had never run that section of trail before. It was a conscious decision to simply find a place where the wind would be minimized. But it turned out to be a refreshing route.

Running on trails is such a different vibe than my usual road running where the ocean steals my view and breath. The trails offer tree after tree of tunnel vision.

The trails force me to focus on me. I noticed my stride more than usual and my posture too. I paced out a 4:04 12th k that was faster than kilometres 1 through 6 by over 30 seconds…and I didn’t notice. I was focused on just trying to run upright, relax my shoulders, stretch out my toes.

Changing the venue changed my focus, my rhythm, my run. It is how I did not get sick of running today.

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