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How to not get sick of running part 10

November 22, 2015

Remember. Remember why you first laced up your running kicks and headed out the door for your virgin run.

Remember that high you felt the first time you looked at your watch post-run and said “I went that fast?!”

Remember that soul-warming sunset run or the sunrise that made you want to stretch your arms out wide, lift your chest, breathe deep, and soak it in to the core.

Remember why you wanted to run in the first place. You ran to get fit, to feel different, to find a deeper connection with self, to lose weight, to run for a cure or a cause. Why did you run then? It may not be why you run now, but remember that feeling when it was new and really hard and defeating and everyone else made it look or sound so fun and easy. Remember the run workout that beat you up, you had to walk home doubled-over. Remember lacing them back up the very next day to prove to yourself you could do it. That feeling of needing to get better and pursuing the challenge you laid out for yourself… That is why you should run.

How to not get sick of running? Remember, then run.

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