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Little thing, big impact

October 9, 2015

Sometimes it’s the little things that make me stop in mid-stride on a misty morning run. Well, actually, often it’s little things that halt my run as every Textured Tuesday post proves.

Today, it was a little spider web with the mist glued to it and the sun desperately trying to burn the moisture off. The web itself was only a few inches across. Little. The spider I’m sure is even tinier still. Yet her work threading and stitching such an incredibly complex quilt of web is no small task. It’s beauty had enough impact to force me to ignore the run stats, turn my gaze away from the gorgeous fall colours around me, and stop to snap a picture.

Little thing, yet impactful thing.

My sister, my totally, cool, hip, rad, successful sister, gave me what she probably thinks is a little gift. Yet this new site for Happiness Runs Deep, is impactful. It really is a big gesture of faith in my blog project and a motivating kick in the pants to keep on with it. ┬áIt is a show of support for the idea behind this blog… that running isn’t about racing, losing weight, lap times, intervals, heart rate, pace, or any of the competitive exterior of the sport. Running is about the inner fortitude, the gumption to tuck that chin down and finish the run in spite of the screaming wind and blistering rain and chafing skin. Running is about the time and head space to learn who you truly are, how you think and feel, and what you hope to create with your day or your year or your life. Running inspires mindfulness. That is true #runhappiness.

And this post, I hope, expresses my gratitude for the creation of the site and the support for this idea.

Little thing, big impact.

Now to try and catch a reader or two in this web I’m spinning.


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