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Inside looking out

October 28, 2015

I mentioned in Monday’s post that I am in a bit of a run slump. In fact, I wrote about it Sunday too.

Looking back, the trend in my last few weeks of posts has been either a lament about missed run opportunities or an honest assessment of my lacking run quality.

Today, I don’t halt the trend.

I was going to run. Had every intention of running. But this heavy sinuses, dry cough, scratchy throat, dripping nose head cold thing has really set in and zapped me of energy and motivation. I have consumed a bag of throat lozenges, more than a half dozen Advil Cold and Sinus, and a keg of liquids. (Tea and water. Not beer.)

I am left wanting yet again.

Feeling trapped inside with a world of run fun waiting for me outside.

I’m buzzing to get back out there, but today just isn’t going to be the day.

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