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Feeling squeezed

October 23, 2015

Normally I run early in the morning.

If I miss that run, I try to get out after the kids’ bedtime routine.

Today, I had 45 minutes after work and before I had to pick up the kids from school and I tried to squeeze in my run before the chaos of the family evening.

That was a mistake.

My body didn’t seem to adapt too well to the afternoon run. My lunch sloshed around in my belly. I got a stitch in my side early that just wouldn’t subside. I felt sluggish and thirsty. I was over-dressed and hot. Quite simply, the run sucked.

I stuck to it for 32 minutes, then just stopped and walked home.

I was later than usual picking them up, I was hot and annoyed at myself and a bit on edge with the kids as a result.

Squeezing in a run, or at least trying to squish it in there, didn’t produce anything but a sour taste.

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