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Feeling radiant

October 2, 2015

Our home is 125 years old and has these awesome old hot water radiators that give off a soothing warmth when they’re running full tilt.

So do I. So do you.

Ever notice that inner energy you feel after a run that emanates outward as heat right from the core?

That’s the radiance of the run.

That’s what makes me sweat from the inside out even after my cool down shower. In the summer, that lingering latent heat is cause for a second cold shower or dip in the lake or at least cool water splash to the face. In the damp and crisp fall weather we’re having now, it is welcomed as it staves off the dried sweat chills until a real shower gets ya feeling normal again.

Radiance from within. Feeling radiant throughout. That’s what a run can do.


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