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A void in a time of plenty

October 26, 2015

At this time of year in Nova Scotia, like much of Eastern Canada, the local food markets are brimming with the earth’s bounty. Root vegetables, apples, squashes and pumpkins (or “punkins” if you pronounce it the way my daughter does), hearty greens, even herbs and peppers are all aplenty at the Lunenburg Farmer’s market.

Yet in this bountiful season, my running has wilted.

Today marks my longest run drought in a while. 3 days. Now that may not seem like a long lay-off, but I know I won’t be running until Wednesday and if I’m honest with myself, and this blog is really forcing me to do so, my runs leading up to this mini-break were less than rewarding. They were effort.

So, I’m going to commit to a fourth day of the non-running void tomorrow. Then I am going to replant the energy and begin my run routine fresh.

While autumn is harvest time, my running has been far from a record haul.

I just have to remember that these last few fall days are merely a gap. The plenty will return Wednesday.

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