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Trick treat run

After eight days of the un-run, I did it! I got out for a short but good 5k this morning. Now I don’t feel so guilty eating all of my little construction worker and butterfly’s hard earned candy! Happy run, happy Halloween, #runhappiness.

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In living colour

I love where I live. The sunrise here is like no other place. The way the light plays on the ocean, the colour of horizon on tide, and the contrast of landscape meets seascape makes for an alluring vision almost every morning. Running in Lunenburg is a journey through the spectrum. From violety-indigo to cooked-lobster-shell […]

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A pint for the un-run

I’m still in not-run mode. This head cold is really making it tough to breathe deep and also have any sort of energy. Add to that the 90 kph winds and rain outside and I’m definitely going another day without hitting the pavement. But, I have resolved to try and embrace the un-run the best […]

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Inside looking out

I mentioned in Monday’s post that I am in a bit of a run slump. In fact, I wrote about it Sunday too. Looking back, the trend in my last few weeks of posts has been either a lament about missed run opportunities or an honest assessment of my lacking run quality. Today, I don’t […]

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A void in a time of plenty

At this time of year in Nova Scotia, like much of Eastern Canada, the local food markets are brimming with the earth’s bounty. Root vegetables, apples, squashes and pumpkins (or “punkins” if you pronounce it the way my daughter does), hearty greens, even herbs and peppers are all aplenty at the Lunenburg Farmer’s market. Yet in […]

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Not even a kernel of a run

Unless you count chasing two tornado-like whirlwind kids around a pick-your-own farm’s apple orchards and pumpkin patches for 3 hours, I did not run once this weekend. Not a sniff. Not a crumb. Not a kernel. I am feeling a tad guilty about it and a tad empty because of it. Running really fills my […]

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The definition of AWEsome

Have you seen this @ Skyrunning?!! Did you know this existed? I am in complete and utter full bore vivid blast of colour in the face awe. These are incredible people accomplishing pure, honest, immense feats of mental and athletic performance with little fanfare or recognition. This video smacked me in the face. Wow.

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Feeling squeezed

Normally I run early in the morning. If I miss that run, I try to get out after the kids’ bedtime routine. Today, I had 45 minutes after work and before I had to pick up the kids from school and I tried to squeeze in my run before the chaos of the family evening. […]

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Doubly exhausted

I just could not for the life of me get up and run this morning. And tonight? Well, I am literally falling asleep trying to type this post. In fact, I’ve had the laptop on for two hours, but have dozed off for most of that time. The arc of running highs and lows has […]

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