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The lines

September 28, 2015

When I run, my mind wanders much farther than my legs travel and my eyes don’t simply focus on the road ahead, but look about and watch for wildlife, sunrises, or sometimes just the little textures (hence Textured Tuesdays) instead.

I get drawn in by lines. Horizon lines. Tree lines. Lines on the road. Lines of geese or ducks flying above. Lines in the sand. Power lines. House-lined streets. Lines of parked cars. Lines of songs I listen to (like The Lines You Amend by Sloan).  Fishing lines. Lines of rope leading to lines of boats. Sleep lines. Shorelines. Coastlines. Lines.

They guide my running, they direct my train of thought, and they draw my eye to their linear structure, pointing me in the right direction. The lines have yet to lead me astray.

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