The downside of up and upside of down

September 12, 2015

Hills. Oh the hills.

Lunenburg is built on hills that slope toward front harbour to the south and back harbour to the north and a slight tilt west to east so that no matter which way I run I am guaranteed to run some hills. All along this coastal region it is near impossible to find long stretches of flats. There is always a bend in the road and around that bend is usually a hill.

But the past couple weeks, I have been making a concerted effort to do a hills workout where the slope isn’t simply a part of my run I need to endure, but where it is the run itself.

There are ample options here with short and steep, tiered, long and slow, or pure stair-like climbs all easily accessible hills to select from within a kilometre of home.

The upside is that I feel stronger afterward. I don’t have any measure of the perceived plus, but I do feel more power in my legs the next run. I am also getting quicker at the up slopes I think because I have started really trying to apply the theory that treating the run up like a run down makes the effort seem less onerous.

The downside is that I hate it. It is boring, it is like being confined to a puddle when the ocean is just to your left just over the edge of the road.

Hills. Oh the hills.

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