The alien run

September 26, 2015

To be alien is to belong elsewhere or not at all.

And I had an alien run this morning. It didn’t belong.

I felt really good. Not that that’s alien, but it is not my normal these days to have a run from start to finish that flashes by like a re-run of Seinfeld, it’s about nothing and leaves you feeling lighter. It was a progression run where I started easy, increased pace to comfortable, then to “work”, and finally for a quick minute, I sprinted.

What was alien was the fact that it was all relatively easy. 11k that was over in a mental instance. 50 minutes that disappeared. Maybe it was alien because I was abducted by aliens?

And to top it off? Somewhere in the middle of the run Alien by Bush came on.

Cue the Close Encounters theme music.


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