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That time of year again

September 10, 2015

It was back to school around here this past week, and the excitement, hesitation, anxiousness, energy, nervousness, uncertainty, uneasiness, joy, and trepidation were electric in the air for days on end.

I skipped the morning run on the first day of school in favour of yoga in order to try and settle my own nervous static coursing through me. I worry about my kids at school, though we are lucky that our kids like school and like going to school. We are lucky that I can drop them off at school and go in and meet teachers, see the classroom, feel the vibe. We are lucky that our kids have had good teachers who care. We are lucky that the school is newer and still has a brightness about it, a freshness to go along with the new school year. We are lucky that our kids will gobble up whichever educational platter of lessons their teacher serves.

But watching them slip on their shoes before heading out the door or leaving them at the classroom threshold, I can’t help feel nervous for them.

They of course had a great first day and first week. They are adaptable and resilient and have settled right back in to routine.

And I am thankful for that.

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