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Swinging in to fall

September 7, 2015

I think one of my greatest feelings of freedom as a kid was on the swings. That, and riding my bike.

But on the swings I felt like I could reach the upper stratosphere with my toes as I surged ahead and up up up. I imagined that pull action on the upswing was my rocket booster. The swing back down was the coasting through space.

And the sun on my face, the wind passing by, the momentary “stall” at the height of the pendulum, well those were pure freedom.

If only I could bottle that freeing energy up and stuff it in the heels of my running shoes. Maybe that would help me blast off into a quicker pace or a longer run or just that sense of possibility.

Watching my kids on the swings today as we propel closer to the official end of summer and beginning of fall ignites all those memories of hours spent pumping with legs and upper body not to get somewhere, but like running for me most days, for the pure and simple freedom in it.

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