Cornering like it’s on rails

September 5, 2015

I have my favourite run routes, we all do,  and I also have my favourite spots on those routes.

This corner for instance is at the bottom of a small hill that I come up and over on my usual 12k run. As I come down the hill and start to round this corner, the ocean opens up to my right as the woods and brush along the road that had been blocking my sightlines for the past kilometre end and leave nothing but expansive blue sea.

I also feel a bit race car-ish as I get that downhill burst of speed and cruise in to the tight corner which is the first of several in a hairpin section of coastal road.

Rounding this corner always gives me a surge of speed, a boost to the soul, and a deep appreciation for where I live.


Please tell me now that somewhere out there someone recognizes my Pretty Woman reference in the title. Oh man, I am pathetic. I know lines from Pretty Woman. The shame, the shame. But it is the best part of the movie, the beginning where they’re in the Lotus and speeding around Beverly Hills! Ok, I’ll stop. Embarrassment complete.

Anyways, I like that corner.

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