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The familiar can be so unfamiliar

As I have written about before, I have a few go to run routes. I know them quite well. I know the potholes, the inclines, the curves, distances between landmarks, where to see deer, which route will have a great sunrise or sunset or lots of midday shade, which homes have dogs that bark and […]

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The lines

When I run, my mind wanders much farther than my legs travel and my eyes don’t simply focus on the road ahead, but look about and watch for wildlife, sunrises, or sometimes just the little textures (hence Textured Tuesdays) instead. I get drawn in by lines. Horizon lines. Tree lines. Lines on the road. Lines of geese […]

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Long and winding road

Reasons to love where I live (and run!) #18 and #19: The roads sway left to right, tilt and undulate, rise and fall, curve and bend all the while sashaying alongside the sea. Very few people or vehicles travel those roads. #runhappiness And for the record, I haven’t actually sat down and listed out the […]

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The alien run

To be alien is to belong elsewhere or not at all. And I had an alien run this morning. It didn’t belong. I felt really good. Not that that’s alien, but it is not my normal these days to have a run from start to finish that flashes by like a re-run of Seinfeld, it’s about […]

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Music refresh

Every once in a while I like to refresh my music selection on my run playlist. Now, when I say “playlist”, I just mean my entire catalog of songs. I just hit shuffle and away I go without too much care about the tempo of any particular song. If I like it, I’ll run to […]

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The capacity of a human

According to the Canadian Encyclopedia, inuksuk or inukshuk, means “to act in the capacity of a human.” As I’ve mentioned in several posts gone by, one of my favourite places to run to is the tiny fishing village of Blue Rocks just six kilometers from here.  From June to September, if it is nice weather, […]

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