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Wound up

August 27, 2015

Son of an expletive my hamstrings are tight!

Yoga, some dynamic post-run stretching, lunges, nothing works these days to loosen them. They aren’t really painful or anything, just wound up and won’t relax until long after I’ve started my run. They also go right back to tautness like an elastic in the freezer when the run ends.

I’ll keep stretching them out in hopes that the flexibility returns. But for now, they’re clenched like Tyson’s teeth on Holyfield’s ear. Ew.

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  1. I’ve found sitting cross legged or in any position with my knees bent helps in easing the tightness for me. And it’s not even really anything I have to set aside time for, watching TV, reading a book all work as good times go sit like that.
    It is painful initially but after sitting for like 10 minutes or so I am loose. I started with just a couple of minutes initially because of the discomfort but gradually it has become easier.

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