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Wild ‘n not so wooly

August 16, 2015

Yesterday, I decided to run a route that I tend only to do when I’m not feeling overly adventurous. It’s a bit of a back-up slash cop-out route. It starts off flat, there’s a hill at the 2 kilometer mark, a downhill right after, flat for most of the rest of the run save for one last steep incline home. I find it easy. I know it takes me 25-28 minutes. It’s a route I take to not worry about distance, time, or any things else for that matter. I just run it. And then I’m done. But yesterday while descending the hill around the 2.5 k spot I noticed a bald eagle flying straight up the road toward my face. I scrambled to take my phone out of the arm band and used the shortcut key to get to the camera as fast as possible, but this was the best shot I got: wpid-dsc_0003.jpg By the time I tapped the screen the majestic bird of prey had changed course a little and was nearly too far to see clearly. And then it was just soaring away. wpid-dsc_0004.jpg So, this morning I decided to run the same route hoping to see the eagle again. Nope. But, I did see 6 deer grazing (a little hard to see the ones in shade): wpid-dsc_0013.jpg And then I saw a great blue heron sitting next to someone’s dock. But again, the camera action was a bit too slow and she took off just as I was getting ready (look just right of the dock): wpid-dsc_0014.jpg Finally, next to the road on a wire was a belted kingfisher, a bird I have loved since the day I did a project on it in grade 5. It was surveying the inlet for breakfast and leaped into full flight upon hearing my clumping feet. But I was awed by its presence and all of the cool wildlife I’ve seen in two consecutive days. At the risk of run route boredom, I might just run that way again tomorrow!

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