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No escaping it

August 22, 2015

The heat. The humidity. The bane of my running right now.

Normally living in a coastal town like Lunenburg there is a fairly steady sea breeze to keep things temperate and comfortable. But, the last week here it has been stifling and this morning was brutal. There wasn’t a breath of air and I sweat like I’ve never sweat before.

The heavy air made my run sluggish. The muggy feel made my spirit to fight through to the end wilt.

I did exactly 10k, not a step further, and walked, shoulders hunched, rivers of sweat leaving a trail, back home.

Then I walked in the door and nothing happened. No change of temperature. It was 8am and my house was effing hot!!! There was no relief, no “ahhhh” satisfaction of the cool down, no air conditioning to bring my core temp back from the brink of full out nuclear meltdown. 26.3 Celcius (80F) inside the house.


I drank my weight in water. I took a cold as hell frozen over shower. And still I was sweating an hour later.

I had to go for a bit of a drive just to blast the a/c and cool off a bit.

There is no escaping this heat. I’m sure I’ll whine about frigid winter running in a few months, but at least I’ll warm up afterwards. This is just gross.

Bring the breeze and cool nights back!!!!

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