Morning motivation

Yesterday was going to be a day off running for me. I have been heading out 6 times a week while on summer vacation and I want to scale back to 5.

So Tuesday morning was going to be an off day. I got up at the usual time and instead of pulling on run gear and lacing up the kicks, I unrolled the yoga mat and flipped on the ipad to follow the Runner’s World yoga routine. I had followed the first video on their site previously and like the stretch and simplicity of it.

I got to it and completed the 25 minute workout. While in shavasana, alone, the only one in the house awake, and corpsing it up like only a dead tired and tight hamstrings runner guy can, I was scared out of my wits when I heard an unexpected voice. Now, any voice is unexpected when you think you’re alone and shirtless while laying prone on your back. But when my son spoke I leaped to my feet like the house was ablaze and scrambled to find the source of the person who asked something of me.

When my heart slowed and my eyes fixed on my kid decked out in his run gear and staring wide eyed at his weird ass dad, I demanded, “what’s wrong!”

“Nothing. I’m just ready to run with you.”

Is there a better sentence ever from your kid?

I of course couldn’t turn him down, and my off day became a sort of on day as we had a nice light spin out of town a bit and back.

It was great, despite being freaked out by his little voice from out of nowhere earlier. And it was good motivation to suck it up, forget the tight hamstrings, and just do the run.


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    Kevin at August 27, 2015

    What a great opportunity. Running with your kids. Quality time. Keep it up

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      T McMullen at August 27, 2015

      Thank you! Yeah, I love every second we get out there. He chats up a storm and we have a blast.

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    mrstraceyryan at August 26, 2015

    First time reader. I have a summer spot on the South Shore and do a fair bit of running in the area, love reading local runners blogs.

    1. avatar image
      T McMullen at August 27, 2015

      Thanks for reading and keeping it local! The South Shore really does offer great run routes and bike routes and kayak routes and driving routes and…….

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