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Me no cave man

August 20, 2015

I have a few friends who are paleo-dieters. They are fit, strong, healthy, and pretty cool people in general.

But they’re missing out!


Bread is so damn good!!! Especially bread like in the above pic from the Lunenburg Farmer’s Market. Fresh and delish! I passed them this article from Outside magazine that I saw in an effort to spoil their body-as-templeness and bring them back to the dark side of carbohydrate satisfaction. But, to no avail as of yet. Yet is the operative word here. I will continue my assault and maybe bottle the scent of fresh baked everything bagels and mail it to them so they get a blast of the enticing eau-de-pain right in the nose!

Anyway, I consider myself to be a pretty adaptable person, but without bread, hand sanitizer, and a nice smooth zinfandel, I wouldn’t have lasted a second as a paleolithic cave runner dude.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, the photos are from a day visiting the Ovens just outside Lunenburg.

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