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Life of Pie

August 24, 2015

Last week, around Wednesday or so, we decided to order in pizza as the grocery situation was dire and the market was the following morning where we would restock on most fresh fruit, veg, meat, dairy, and carbs anyway.

So, delivery it was.

On Saturday, we had some friends visit from out of town. The plan was to make homemade pizzas from scratch as is my favourite thing to do when we have guests. But with the temperature in the house so raging hot, I didn’t want to fire up the oven and whack three pizza pies in there for 20-30 mins at 475F further taking the mercury to atmospheric levels.

So, we had take out pizza. It was real nice thin crust stuff from a little more refined establishment than our Wednesday delivery and came with a side of arugula and balsamic reduction to sprinkle on top. It went perfectly with the Boxing Rock Hunky Dory Pale Ale!

This morning, as I am custom to do after my run, I began thinking about food, specifically dinner. What should we have? Well, I had all the ingredients necessary to make pizza since we didn’t end up having it with our friends.

So? Yup, pizza again. Only since we weren’t in a rush and the house is still ablaze, I grilled them one by one on our little barbecue.

And after three pizza nights in less than a week I am still not sick of it.

Is there any greater meal ever invented?

Here’s to the life of pizza pie!

Oh, and after all the pizza and beer the last few days, my growing belly is all the motivation I need to keep on runnin’.

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