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Has my wall been hit?

August 31, 2015

Note to self / Reflecting on my running:

My running has been really good this summer and I have logged more hours and kilometres than I ever thought I could.

Having said that, I am beginning to feel old. With all the good feel of the running, there has been no progression in it. I’m not faster, in fact I’m a bit slower. I’m not stronger or lighter or anything -er. Except maybe sorer. I have better endurance and enjoy the time more than ever, but my “skills” as a runner have not improved.

Have I hit the proverbial wall? Is it downhill from here? Can I get faster and stronger and more flexible and better?


Yes I can dammit!

And yes I will!

New goal: get better. Period. Simple.

Now, how to accomplish this?
Step 1. Do more yoga to encourage flexibility. I have already added two yoga days a week. Add more.

Step 2. Add more variety to my run routine to include more hills and interval days so that I am not simply running “comfortable” all the dang time.

Step 3. Run less. Maybe take it down from six to four per week and fill the off days with yoga and another fitness pursuit (ab program or something).

Step 4. Drink less *gulp!* craft beer. Ok, beer in general. I’ll try not consume any beer during the week. Save it for weekends. And maybe drink less of it then too.

This wall I have hit is breakable.  It’s glass. The next few months will be filled with an effort to smash it, sweep away the debris (I’ve always found shard, like shards of glass, to be a funny word), and set forth on my new, clear, and rock solid path of running progression.

Watch out wall…I’m gunnin’ for ya with sledgehammer at the ready.

End note to self. Return to blog tomorrow.


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