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Finding home

August 10, 2015

We had a great two week trip to Ontario to visit friends and family and find a bit of vacation in there too.  It was hectic and scheduled with 4963 kilometers of driving during those 15 days.

There is so much to enjoy when in familiar territory like we were: friends that don’t skip a beat; family (we miss family a lot out here in the east); the comfort of knowing exactly where you’re going and where to find things (like knowing precisely where to run for a 10k loop or a little 6k out and back); familiar scenery and geography; cottage memories.

But, since moving back to Nova Scotia and living in a small town on the coast, we really feel that we have found home. Running in the coastal fog that sweeps in often and pausing to snap a shot like this:


or looking closer and seeing the textures like this:


and just simply soaking in the atmosphere, the people and their kindness, running along the sea, and breathing the air that always seems as fresh and fluid as the changing weather patterns gives us a sense of belonging and peace with place.

Sometimes I miss Ontario. Yet, I’m home in Lunenburg.

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